A few years ago I spent a summer in Poland where I met Justyna.  Right away we hit it off and became really good friends, but as time went by we somehow lost touch. Well a few years later we ran into each other thanks to Facebook. A lot has changed in both of our lives and all for the better. Justyna was now living in Cyprus and running her jewelry company.

A few months later we found ourselves on a plane heading to Paphos Cyprus to shoot Tina D Design lookbook. We had a really great model for the shoot. Zena is an up and coming actress and model from Cyprus and as well styling by young and very talented fashion designer AGK.  The shoot took us all over Paphos, starting out in a parking lot in front of Tina D’s home and moving on toward the city, the beach and finally ending in a private pool. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to shoot with Zena again.

Model: Zena

Jewelry: Tina D Design



Kasia Laszek


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