Our Family Selfie Shoot

So it’s been since our wedding that we had our picture taken professionally.  That’s now 5.5 years since that date. It was time for a photoshoot. There was one small problem. It was 8p.m on Christmas Day but we thought it would have been a lot of fun trying it ourselves. To do the ultimate family selfie. The concept was really simple.  We had a picture in mind that we were inspired by.  The week before our friend Paulinka wanted to a photo with her younger sister that was inspired by a picture from Poland’s Next Top Model.  We weren’t able to get that picture done because of timing but the room was setup as we planned for that shoot. So we got the lights out and set them up.  The other problem was how to fire the camera. We had the table and lights setup in such a way it would be hard to trigger using the self timer and since I don’t have a remote or a cable to for the pocket wizard to trigger.  The next best thing was to tether Kasia’s 5Diii to our MacBook Pro and trigger it with an iPhone. It was a strange setup but it worked. Here are the results. tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer2 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer3