Sharing our thoughts

slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_34Last month we were asked to write an article about what makes a wedding special. I’m a not a great writer, never was and this sure was a challenge for me.  As for Kasia she loved the idea and the fact that is was being published by one of Poland’s biggest bridal magazines Magazyn Wesele. The article was co written with other specialists in the wedding business and their thoughts. As for us, well we couldn’t think of just one thing that made that day special. In the end we noticed one thing that all the weddings that were really great had one thing in common. It was family. Family that the couple could count on for help.  See weddings in Europe are totally different than in Canada or the US. Not a lot of them have wedding planners and the couple does everything by themselves. It really hard to get everything perfect adopt new things and still keep traditions but with the help of a wonderful family it makes it much easier.

The article is in Polish but for anyone that knows Polish check it out