Paulina & Andrzej

So 14 years ago I came to Poland for my summer vacation and that is when I met Paulina, my friend’s youngest sister. I guess it’s hard to forget her as the young little girl that would bug you as you met with friends. Well 14 years later Paulina has grown up and I get shoot her and Andrzej’s bicycle engagement shoot.

The other special thing for me was that we were shooting near Nysa the city that I was born in. Our first location was south of Nysa with the Czech foot hills being our backdrop.  Why the bikes? well Andrzej in fact is a Pro road cyclist and is the current Polish 1 hour record holder.  After a bit of a delay due to heavy rain, we finished at that location with a beautiful rainbow.

Our next location was a place that I used to go a lot. See I love the beach and I have to say that if I have a chance to shoot on a beach, I’ll do it.


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