With the beautiful August weather in full swing it was finally time for Pati and Krzysiek’s wedding at the Imperial Weddings.

Now let’s go back a year when I first met the two of them. It was a Karolina and Marcin’s wedding. Krzysiek was Marcin’s best man and a great help not to mention the life of the party. If you haven’t seen that just search for Karolina and Marcin’s wedding in our stories. And Pati well full of class and a genuine smile that just lights up the room.

We had the perfect team at their wedding. The boys from Takich Dwoje were the cinematographers as well as Kate and Robert provided the music when the band wasn’t playing. But of all it was the guests the just made this wedding amazing.

But let’s talk about our shooting style. See outdoor weddings are getting more and more common here in Poland and since beautiful places like Imperial Weddings have shown up in the Tarnów region which is great cause it’s something that we love. Especially now that people want to spend more time outside. So what about style. Well our style stays the same, we focus on the interaction of the guests. Those moments that are the most important. Yes we photograph details and everything but the main focus are the people who are there for the couple. To do this we get into the middle of the dance floor and have fun with the guests but to do all this we made a small switch not too long ago, when it comes to gear.

See for many years we were Canon shooters and to this day we still shoot Canon but not documentary things. For the we turned to the Red Dot 🔴 Leica and Fuji. With such small cameras we can just go in and be part of the crowd and not get noticed. Often we hear from our couples that they couldn’t believe we captured that moment they didn’t even notice us.

The other thing is to be creative and fast thinking. See we took Pati and Krzysiek out for a photoshoot during sunset. But there was a problem that the sun was setting in a place where all the cars were parked. This is why I don’t like to pre visualize a shoot cause things change quickly. So we just adopted to the new situation. That and told the couple to stand in the most unusual place. So unusual that when Ilona from Imperial Weddings saw the photos she should find where we shot them.