Every wedding is different but the one thing that they have in common are traditions. Of course the getting ready, often the blessing from the parents, first kiss and the first dance. Now no matter what culture or country the first dance is such an important moment, it’s what starts the party and a stressful moment as everyone is there watching you. It’s also the moment of the day that most grooms just fear and hope to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Well it was a whole different story at Maria and Tomek’s wedding. See they are professional dancers. It was really one of the highlights of the evening as Maria and Tomek moved so smoothly across the dance floor totally in the moment and enjoying themselves.


Next day shoots are a lot of fun. Ok yes we wake up early morning or often drive all night so that we make it just in time for a beautiful sunrise or catch the last light of the day. It’s worth it as we are able to make really beautiful photos.

We had many ideas where we could do a shoot that would not only be romantic, elegant but would look amazing when we would add the dance into the shoot. So the most perfect place was The Royal Baths Park (Łazienki Królewskie) in Warsaw. It was just perfect, a beautiful sunrise and the whole park all to ourselves as no one was around in those early morning hours.