Magda & Patryk in Croatia

Magda & Patryk in Croatia

We landed at the airport in Split and headed just down the road to Kastel. The great thing about doing destination weddings or shoots, is that everything is new. You’re full of ideas and just can’t wait to pickup the camera and shoot.

Walking around Kastel with a Leica and just catching that beautiful sunset light but unfortunately that sun loves to disappear really quickly.

On these trips what I love to do is have one main shoot. That is the shoot that I really want to focus on, but that’s not the only shoot. That’s the wedding shoot. A beautiful location, the wedding dress and the perfect light. After we get that shoot done, it’s time to have a lot of fun. Change outfits, go more casual and find new locations.

So the next day we woke up and were at our first location early morning. No one was out on the town. We had the whole place to ourselves and just the most beautiful sunrise over the water into the city.

But what would a shoot be in Croatia without shooting on the beach and in the water. A place that I just love to be. I think that I really have to get a housing for a camera to enjoy the beach shoots even more.