Magda & Lukasz

Magda & Lukasz

A Baltic Story

Our Baltic adventures started with a beautiful wedding and an amazing wedding reception in my most liked restaurant in Tarnów. All smiles, lots of fun and everyone dancing. The wedding itself was a great adventure but what followed after was the cherry on top.

We all have a place that is special for us. For Magda it was the Baltic. The last time I was at the Baltic Sea it was in 2002 with a group of friends and in Gdynia when I was 4 years old, so I really didn’t know what to expect. It was beautiful.

I’m a hug fan of the beach. See being I kid, I spent 2 of my years in Greece and after most of my life near the Great Lake in Canada. I felt at home there.  When we got to Gdynia, we went out to checkout the location for the shoot. The location was Gdynia Orłów. A beach with a big cliff. Being there I couldn’t help myself but to pull out the Leica and Fuji and start shooting. A nice relaxed engagement style shoot. From there we ended up going to the port and as well got a few shots in.

The next day we planned for an early morning. It was around 5 that we hit them beach. Just before sunrise over the water. The light was just amazing. Everything was perfect and to top it off Magda felt at home. Like a little girl in her beautiful dress.