You know that a wedding is going to be fun when you meet the couple and they are always laughing, smiling and joking around. You hit it off right away and you are always thinking on the same page. With Robert the joker always having fun and Lucynka the down to earth girl you know you’re going to have a good party.


One of the things that I’ve always loved is shooting black and white. Often people think it’s just putting a filter on the picture as an after thought, but in reality that picture is created in such a way that we know it’s going to be black and white when we take it. There is something magical about it and I find that documenting a wedding I started to shoot more black and white. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been really enjoying Greg Williams’ work shooting Hollywood stars with his Leica Q. It kinda brings back that romantic feeling of the golden years of Hollywood. That or the beautiful fashion and portraits by Peter Lindbergh that are drawing my eyes with that simple elegant look.

At Lucyna and Robert’s beautiful wedding I wanted to do both cause the colours on the day were just right. That and well I still see the world in colour but it was also perfect to capture the fun and emotions without the all the distractions as well as show the elegance and fun.