The only thing that I can say is OMG.  We ran into Ljuba as she was working for Zara in Paphos, and both Kasia and I fall in love with her look.  She was just so beautiful and unique.  Unlucky for me it was very hard to approach someone and ask if I could do a shoot with them.  Lucky for me, our friend knew her and showed her a few photos that we took.  Well that was it, Ljuba said yes and we were off to do a shoot.  So being in a place like Cyprus, I just had to shoot on the beach.  The thing was we didn’t really want to do a typical beach shoot so we picked a spot in Kato Paphos right in the Harbour.  Ljuba showed up and we were very lucky as it turned out that she was a L’Oreal makeup artist, so she took care of the makeup herself and working for Zara she did the styling as well.  We started off just by shooting on a simple red wall and moved on to the water.  Ljuba was great, you could just feel the artist in her and that tattoo, nice.


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