Klaudia & Filip

Klaudia & Filip

Wedding Day

Weddings are amazing for us. We get to meet wonderful people during a wedding day and sometimes you are so welcomed that you feel you’re part of the family.

Everything during their wedding day was doted and crossed. It was just perfect. A beautiful wedding dress and jewellery. A romantic ceremony in a church that was close to Klaudia, followed by a reception where friends got to meet up, chat and just have fun.

Next Day Shoot

We often do our shoots on a different day.  It’s great cause we are not limited by the location and sometimes we travel a distance to shoot.  So it was great when Klaudia and Filip decided to have me fly out to Croatia while they were on their honeymoon to do their shoot.

A couple of weeks after their wedding I was on a plane to Split Croatia where they were waiting for me.  We headed off south to a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the shoot started.

The next day we started off early. Really early!!! The shoot took place in Omis a small town south of Split.  There we took advantage of the fact that no one was there. We had the whole town to ourselves.

The rest of the day we travelled and stopped at a few places to shoot and moved on. Until the last day when we found a small village with a beautiful 18 century church. It was the perfect place.