Joanna Kustra’s Assistent

Joanna Kustra’s Assistent

So I wrote about taking part in Joanna’s workshop. It was a blast. As I said before she’s someone that I’ve followed for sometime and having the chance to learn from her was great.

A week later Joanna was doing another sold out workshop, this time in Krakow. It was a one day workshop with 4 different models, and a great styling team. But most of all the greatest thing for me about this workshop was that I was there to be Joanna’s assistant.

This was the first time that I was assisting anyone and having the chance to assist the very best well I couldn’t ask for more. I learned a lot from the workshop in Rzeszów but now being there helping Joanna and seeing her thought process, was great learning experience.

We also had Marcin and Dariusz from Canon and to display and print for all the students their work on Canon’s Pro1000 printer.

Another highlight was that Aleksandra Zuraw was one of the models. See, my wife and I were her fans when she was on Poland’s Next Top Model.  At the end of the workshop I was able to get a few shots with Aleksandra and I have to say she’s a fun and great girl. All you needed to do was tell her what you want and she did it. On top of that she has a great understanding of light and photography herself.

Models: Aleksandra Głuch, Izabela Sipko, Aleksandra Żuraw, Ania Jażdżyk

Make-Up, Hair:  Marcin Kulak

Sytlist: Ellie Łazarczyk

Designer: Adrianna Ostrowska

Marcin Czornyj Kałuża from Canon.

Dariusz Jucha from Centrum Papieru

Joanna Kustra 

and myself as the assistant