Joanna Kustra Workshop

Joanna Kustra Workshop

I’ve been meaning to make a post about this for sometime, but with a busy wedding season it was really hard to keep up with blog posts. Now that it’s Dec 31 2016 and the season is done, I thought it’s a perfect time to sit down and write a few posts.

2016 was a great year for us as well as a year full  of learning. For many years I’ve been looking up to all different photographers, but one that stood out was a Polish portrait and fashion photographer that is based in Spain by the name of Joanna Kustra. I fall in love with her work when I saw a few of her pictures in an interview she did for DSLR Lounge.

After reading the interview the natural thing was to see more of her work. So the first thing was Facebook and started following.  See back than I wasn’t doing photography for a living. My day job was teaching people how to become pilots and flying planes. So I was trying to get inspirations from all over and her portrait work was amazing.

I few years go by and I loved her work even more. Well one evening as I was editing an engagement shoot, I noticed an ad on Joanna’s fan page. The ad was for a two day portrait workshop on shooting, lighting and post. I had to sign up.

A week later I was on my way to Rzeszów to meet and learn from the best.  Once I got there, it was great. Joanna quickly introduced her self to all of us and it seemed like we all knew each other right away.

The first day was all about shooting in studio.  For the workshop Joanna got a great team together, from makeup, hair, styling and two wonderful models.  It was a new experience since a lot of fashion or lifestyle shoots I’ve done were run and gun shoots in the city.

The next day was all about editing. Joanna showed us how she edits. Every little secret that she had she shared. There was nothing held back.  The second day was made even better with Marcin Czornyj Kałuża from Zarządzanie Barwą supplying us with his

great technical knowledge about printing and calibration as well NEC monitors for providing us with the NEC Spectra View and Canon for the new photo printer.  There was also Dariusz Jucha from Tecco Polska who provided us with all the photo paper we need and printing knowledge.

It was a great experience and I’m happy I was able to take part and one that I was able to walk away from with more knowledge. Plus I got to meet someone I looked up to.

But wait it doesn’t end there…. That will be in the next post.

The team

Model: Wiktoria Krzepkowska , Anna Dmytriyeva

Makeup and styling: Estilo Paulina Popek
Assistant Stylist: Jola Dręga
Hair: Katarzyna Zlamaniec Atelier fryzjerstwa La Provocation Katarzyna Złamaniec
Dresses: Ewelina Dec Alette
Head Pieces: Justyna Guzik Fascynatory