After a fun engagement / family shoot and an amazing wedding we were on a plane to visit Ania and Wojtek in Ireland for their wedding pictures.

It was our first time on the island and oh boy I was shocked how much I felt like being in Canada. The houses in the city and road layout it was like being at home.

As we got in to Waterford in the middle of the night we didn’t get to see much but the next day was just amazing. Our first location for the shoot were the beautiful cliffs. The views were great and the grass! I don’t think I have ever stepped on grass that felt like I was walking on pillows. From the cliffs we headed back to Waterford and off to shoot at waterfront and local parks. That day we were very lucky as everyone was telling us that the weather was perfect. NO RAIN!!! We hit the perfect window of amazing weather.

We were so in love with Ireland and it’s sights that the next day, well early morning we were off just to do one more shoot. A shoot by the lighthouse. Yep they were right we were lucky the day before. Cause that morning was cold and rainy. Ania was a trooper even in that cold weather her smile just didn’t stop.

Once our shoot was done we were heading back to Dublin to catch our flight back to Krakow. It was an amazing trip and it was also the first time that Kasia and I were on a destination shoot together since Sidney was born. Always a different view on things.