Ala on our ODR

What would winter be like without an ODR to skate and play on. I don’t post many shoots that aren’t wedding or engagement shoot, but this one is special to me. See as a Canadian during the winter season I want to play hockey. Well this year for the winter we ended up staying in Poland. The downside of that was that the city of Tarnow didn’t want to let kids play hockey on the public rink even when they were completely empty. So I just couldn’t let that go and I was off to the lumber store and started to build our own ODR. It wasn’t the longest season for it but the kids got to play, I got a nice workout and did a shoot with my friend Ala. I wanted the shoot to feel like we are in beautiful Canada, so what better way to create that feeling is to shoot early morning on a cold day. To get things even more Canada, I just had to use two Canadian brands. ROOTS and Bauer. Well I guess Roots like the photo since they reposted it on their feed.