Almost half a year later after Sylwia’s sister’s wedding, we found ourselves in beautiful Wroclaw for Sylwia’s and Bartek’s engagement shoot. We had a plan of starting in the morning and heading down to the town square and just shoot around the old narrow streets of the city as the glow from the morning sun flooded them.slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_ slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_2 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_3 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_4 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_5 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_6 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_7 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_8 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_9 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_10 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_11 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_12