There is something magical about early spring mornings.  The light seems like it’s always perfect and no matter which way you shoot, it will always turn out beautiful. Well this was the first official spring shoot of 2016, but it was in the making since January, while I was in Canada.

So spring finally came but so did a nasty cold, which put all plans on hold. The problem was that I was in Tarnow Poland for a months and after that returning to Canada. With one week left I got in-touch with Weronika and we set the plans in action. See I do like the big production shoots, where there’s a stylist, makeup artist, assistance and everyone else that makes up a great team to create something really beautiful. But often I find myself  just keeping it really simple. Just the model and myself. Mind you I’m really lucky cause being in Poland, I did get to meet a lot of great people, but most of all build a bond with them that allows me to do this. A lot of the girls are great stylists themselves and they really do a good job with their makeup. They style the way they love and I think that makes them feel great infront of the camera. This was the case with Weronika as well. A simple message that we’re doing a lifestyle type of shoot in the city centre of Tarnow and just wear what you like to wear when you’re out on the town.

So here are the results of our shoot. Hope you like them.

tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer2 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer3 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer4 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer5 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer6 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer7 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer8 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer9 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer10 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer11 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer12