Paulina & Andrzej

What a wedding!!! I must say this, Paulina’s and Andrzej’s wedding was just full of adventures but it turned out to be a beautiful wedding among old friends. ┬áSo I’ve known Paulina since she was a little kid. Mostly known as my good friends little trouble making sister, but that was 15 years ago.

The wedding was in a city that is very close to me. It’s my birth place. Good old Nysa. I just love coming here no matter what time of the year. This time we were in for a surprise from mother nature. It was the coldest day of the year. Not much snow but it was just freezing.

We were off to Andrzej’s house first just outside of Nysa. There we stepped into cycling heaven. A home full of cycling trophies. See Andrzej is a pro cyclist currently racing in the UCI European Continental series and he’s the current record holder for the number of km in one hour.

After a few getting ready pictures we were off back to the city to Paulina’s home. There we were met by our old friends. From Paulina’s family to Sakis our good old friend from Cyprus and my good friend Justyna’s husband. Soon after Andrzej arrived and we were all off to Peter and Paul’s church for a beautiful ceremony and a fun wedding reception.