Tanya & Alessio trash the dress

After shooting our last wedding in Europe, I was on a plane back to Canada to join family and friends and head to Mexico.  Well it was as planned. Trouble started still in Europe, when Lufthansa pilots went on strike and my flight got cancelled.  Lucky for my Air Canada came to save the day and got me to Toronto with one day to spare. So now with a group of friends and family we were heading down to Playacar Mexico for two weddings. Once we got there we just couldn’t help ourselves, we had to do a trash the dress shoot. Now, I’m a big fan of doing early morning shoots. Often it means waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning getting in the car and driving to a beautiful location just as the sun is coming out, but this was great.  We didn’t have to drive anywhere, all we had to do was just walk out of the hotel onto the beach. So we hit the beach at 630 in the morning for the beautiful sunrise over the water and the white sands.  It was just perfect.slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_ slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_2 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_3 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_4 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_5 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_6 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_7 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_8 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_9 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_10 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_11 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_12 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_13 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_14