Kaja & Cody

After Kaja’s and Cody’s engagement shoot and a catholic wedding in Poland, we were now in Mexico for their dream wedding. A wedding that all of Cody’s family can be a part of. It took me a long time to get convinced to doing such shoots as it’s not as popular in Europe but┬ábeing on a Mexican beach it would’ve been a sin not to do a trash the dress shoot. Now there was just one problem, we couldn’t use the wedding dress, lucky for us Kaja had a nice white dress that just matched the place even better.
slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_ slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_3 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_4 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_5 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_6 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_7 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_8 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_9 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_10 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_11 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_12 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_13 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_14Kaja