Kasia & Sylwester

There is a reason that we love to do engagement shoots.  It’s a great time to get to know the couple and for them to get used to us and the camera so that during their wedding day, they’ll feel comfortable.  This wasn’t the case with Kasia and Sylwester.  They were naturals. We had such a great time and the more we got into the shoot the better it was.  After a bit of planning and setting up a lookboard so that we knew what we wanted to achieve.  Normally we shoot in the early mornings or in the evenings but this time our shoot went from dark to light and back to dark again.  We started in the heart of Bochnia, at the Salina Restaurant, followed by a shoot on the streets in Krakow’s old town.  Oh and on a roof top terrace with Wawel as the backdrop. canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario2 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario3 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario4 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario5 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario6 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario7 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario8 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario9 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario10 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario11 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario12 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario13 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario14 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario15 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario16 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario17 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario18 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario19 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario20 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario21 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario22 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario23 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario24 canadian_wedding_photographer_london_ontario25