Justyna & Andrzej

I’m always up for an adventure shoot, cause it always gets the couple true nature out.  For the shoot we headed down to Babia Gora in Beskidy.  After a 2 and half hour hike up the mountain with small rest stops or photoshoot stops, we finally got to the top. It was a bit of a challenge there for the simple reason that it rained a few hours before and the vis wasn’t that great, but the idea of the shoot was to shoot it as a lifestyle editorial.  Something different from a normally posed engagement shoot. London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0001 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0002 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0003 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0004 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0005 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0006 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0007 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0008 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0009 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0010 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0011 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0012 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0013 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0014 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0015 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0016 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0017 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0018 London_Ontario_Wedding_Photography 0019