Basia & Mateusz

It’s a year for picnics:) The greatest thing about having an engagement shoot is that you’re able to have fun while the couple is getting used to having a camera pointed at them. This wasn’t the case for these two. They both loved the camera and the camera sure loved them. Too bad we didn’t have that much time, cause after about an hour the thunderstorms came and the shoot had to end.slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_ slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_2 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_3 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_4 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_5 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_6 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_7 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_8 slub_fotograf_tarnow_wedding_9