Beata, Patryk and the kids

It’s almost the end of a wonderful year we have a bit of time to shoot things that we normally don’t do, but we’re having a lot of fun.  We really started to enjoy family photography, but with our own style. Often we don’t go far, only from room to room. That’s right most of our shoots are done in the clients home.  Why do we do it that way?  well kids are kids and their true nature comes out when they feel comfortable, and what better place to do that than at home. Kids feel great, they have fun and relax. It works perfectly for us. This time we were at my wife’s friend’s home to take a few family photos. It was not the best day cause of the limited light but we made it worked.  It’s really nice when a family opens up and just has fun.  Makes our job much easier.tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer2 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer3 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer4 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer5 tarnow_fotograf_slubny_wedding_photographer6