Ballet in Krakow with Agnieszka

A little from the past that I thought I should put in the blog as this was a shoot that really helped me start it all.

For a long time it was my dream to shoot a dancer, but I wanted to shoot something classical. The problem was that at the time I was just starting with photography and it was really hard to get people in front of the camera yet alone a ballet dancer.  I guess I was really lucky.  Iwona Socha one of Poland’s best Opera Sopranos just happened to be a good friend. With her help I got that dancer that I wanted. One of the top ballet dancers in Poland from the Cracow Opera who was on stages from the UK to Japan and now I had to chance to photographer her in the beautiful city of Krakow.

The shoot started really early in the morning. We were in the town square at 5 am.  Agnieszka showed up, stretched and she was good to go.  Now the problem is that I’m not a dancer, I can’t even dance without stepping on peoples feet.  I did study a bit about ballet so and with a few pictures that I downloaded onto the iPhone I was able to explain wanted I wanted.  That was it Agnieszka did her thing and oh my god she was amazing.


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